Xiao Wangzi and the Honest Lie

Xiao Wàngzi and the Honest Lie: 9/12 and the value of Assholes

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The day after america mourns an act of terror that forever changed the global political landscape, we ask : was it an internal or external terror enacted upon the american people? How horrifying would it be to believe forces within the country attempting to wrest control of the agenda and[...]


Odd thoughts ~ further ruminations upon carnivorous foods

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On further thought, as the warrior monk form of Buddhism grew in popularity and the ability to mass produce kosher foods increased, small produce weapons would become standardized and one would be encouraged to play-fight sufficiently with ones food as to respect tradition.

Little Shop of Horrors

Odd thoughts ~ ruminations upon the diet of a warrior monk

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I just had an odd thought ~ what if there evolved a warlike offshoot of Buddhism where a warrior monk could only eat ones enemies, so even the plants had to be crossbred with carnivorous plants in a Buddhist garden to be considered kosher? I bet those salads would be[...]


Aug 21 – Danish’s last North American gig of 2014!

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As I head out on the road again, leaving Toronto after a fabulous birthday weekend, including island beach time, a gig at Andy Poolhall with Marty McFly for Break to the Future, the annual gothic picnic and Sinful Sundays (Burlesque) @ Cherry Colas, I’m elated. It was a great weekend[...]