Montreal Fetish Weekend: Savon & the Prince

Life hack: Dismantling White Priviledge

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If you, like me, find yourself uncomfortable with either the current Canadian or American election’s racist overtones and overt discrimination and profiling it may be handy to know you can dismantle that white privilege and quit sailing through airport security while that kind older Muslim woman or East Indian family[…]


Cirque du Bass China/Canada/US Tour super super fun!

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Around the world in 60 days! Was a blast. Still decompressing. Internet has been pretty shoddy lately back in China but here are a few highlight pics – really – had such an exceptional time on the road. Saw lots of friends… missed lots .. sorry! Time goes by so[…]


A daily meditation

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Every once in a while when I’m smiling and laughing and loving myself and those around me I take a moment and my mind goes back to a time when I wasn’t so kind, generous and loving. I think about a moment where I was unkind, untrue, and unwise. For[…]