Je Me Souviens Video - by The BlissFits

Nuit Blanche Renegade Parade & the BlissFits debut single

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So it’s that time of year again: summer is winding down, but it’s not quite halloween. In Toronto for the past 5 years that meant it was time to pop around Toronto checking out all the cool art installations and live public performances that happen all across town, all night.[...]


The Root Sellers’ Dubs from the Deep EP hits stores worldwide!

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The Root Sellers “Dubs from the Deep EP” is celebrating the sound of a tru-skool, & original dubstep revival. What we gonna do right here is go back, way back, into time. Before the days of Projector Mapped Dj booths and strobing 5 color LED walls, Dubstep happened in bassment[...]


A vaccine for Blue Monday: Double Dose of Free Mixtape!

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Wazzzup fam! I am writing from the near future where this Monday is bright and shiny. Why? Because I dropped two new mixtapes this morning in Asia, and am sending them home with love. First off is a live recording of The BlissFits @ Future Forest Music Festival July 26/2014[...]

Huzzah! New Haircut


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I woke up with a start this morning – very early. Truth be told I haven’t been sleeping very well since Facebook decided to kill me 3 days ago (sign a petition here to have them resurrect me!). Shit was grim. How grim? I was planning my own funeral: I[...]