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Hi All! So my new mix “Cirque du Bass: Ex Oriente Lux Mixtape” is some banging Swing n Bass from my last tour and I’ve gotten a few emails it’s hovering in the top 10 Electroswing mixes on Mixcloud! currently #8! I feel like it’s not a huge pool here[…]


Sneers & Stripes [free artist album] and Ex Oriente Lux [mixtape]

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Sneers & Stripes by DANiSH What’s up homies!~ DANiSH reporting in from my moonbase via Satellites in SW CHiNA. I’m starting some new creative avenues musically, lyrically, instrumentally, and with my writing that will fulfil me for decades to come and I hope provide a plethora of creative goodies to[…]


Xmas in China Party Mix – The ONLY Xmas Album You Need

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Xmas in China Party Mix by Danish on Mixcloud Click here for the Mixtape MP3 Download A party mixtape of classic Xmas Anthems – Mixed in China. Biggups to producers like Myagi, Mr. Bill, Scott Hardkiss and the rest of the gang that made these super-tolerable remixes, and to artists[…]


Cirque du Bass finds new home at Cupola lounge in Chongqing

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Cirque du Bass – China’s first regular classy electroswing speakeasy event by Chongqing Electroswing Speakeasy is back on at a brand new venue: Cupola. Cupola is a new Italian resto-lounge with a chic and classy design and a willingness to get down. Our first event there went off without a[…]