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Somebody Else’s Body

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I think suggestive dancing is like an analog for escalatingly sensual behaviour, like Burning Man is the most extreme end case scenario for any particularly rowdy party, I think the Ultimate goal of any super suggestive go go performance- from the performer or observer perspective is to rub cake on[…]


Why don’t we have spaces for Assholes?

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It’s sad to be oldschool enough to watch the same kids who came to raves to be free of the meat market macho attitudes and judginess of the club scene grow up to be adults who sneer at the idea of safe spaces. The world is exhausting, isn’t it? Especially[…]

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Work Smart – Not Hard – Pura Vida

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This awesome tool calculates my current expenses at a humble 2200 RMB a month or about 400 CDN. Warning: Inspirational rant ahead! This tool is from the blog of the awesome Tim Ferriss​ who has lots of great books, blogs and tools for re-imagining your dream life. After reading quite[…]

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Live Slow, Die Whenever

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So I made a new shirt for my summer shenanigans, featuring “life coach sloth” and Chichen Itza with “Live Slow/Die Whenever” on the front to honour my lazy crawl to Mexico this summer, and our dog (Xiaolin and I) Benben and the slogan “Amor Fati” or Love Your Life/Fate on[…]